How to check when buying a new Xiaomi smartphone

Purchasing an original mobile device means a long life and a proper operation. But, as in the situation with any product, there is a huge risk to buy not a branded thing, and a banal forgery of low quality or defective product. You can avoid such bad moments if you know what you need to check, and how everything should look and function.

No matter what kind of model you like, it can be, for example, Xiaomi Mi A1 or any other (the manufacturer offers many interesting convenient models, which have a number of significant advantages over the analogues of other companies). The moment of verification is obligatory. This is the only way you can be sure that you become the owner of a branded mobile phone. The principle of the buyer’s action should be the same.

In total, this audit includes several important steps. But it only takes a quarter of an hour at most.

In principle, there is nothing difficult in carrying out the verification work. But you can not ignore them, because you can pay money not for what was purchased initially.


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