How to edit a 4K video on a Mac quickly and easily

At the moment, almost all smartphones and action cameras, even from the middle price segment, allow you to shoot quality videos. At the same time, many of the devices “know” to record videos in 4K format. However, after recording such a video, it is often necessary to process it. For example, deploy, add some effects, etc. But as practice shows, not all simple editors can handle the processing of 4K video.

Of course, you can use popular packages such as Final Cut X, Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Sony Vegas to work with large and heavy files. But this approach will be appropriate only if you plan to work with the video on a permanent basis. Such packages are expensive, and buying a license to handle videos from vacation or periodic meetings with friends is simply impractical. In addition, for ordinary users who have never encountered these programs, to understand their interface will be quite difficult.

Ordinary users need a simple, convenient and understandable application that can work quickly with large files. That’s exactly what VideoProc is.

VideoProc combines a surprisingly simple interface and a wide variety of features. The main window of the app consists of only four sections. At the same time, to start editing a video, users only need to start the program, select the appropriate section and drag the “raw” video into the workspace. Thus, to start working with the video you need to make only four or five clicks of the mouse.

As for the editing process itself, it is also as simple as possible. Once the video is opened in VideoProc, users can quickly apply some visuals to it, trim the length, change proportions, deploy, and add subtitles or “watermarks.” All tools and settings are “at a distance” of one or two clicks by mouse.

For example, in order to unfold the video horizontally you need:

1. Open the VideoProc app.

2. Go to the Video section.

3.Drag at the base of the app window the right video and wait for its download.

4. Under the roller, press the Rotate button.

5. Click on the Horizontal Flip button.

After that, the video will be instantly deployed horizontally. Even in the case of a large 4K source, this process will take no more than a few seconds. All other VideoProc features work in the same way.

The high speed of the application is provided by the use of level-3 Hardware Acceleration technology. The latter allows VideoProc to cope with the conversion of large and heavy 4K videos noticeably faster than competitors. According to the developers, the speed of work increases 47 times. You can run and work with VideoProc even on weak computers with 2GB of RAM and a 1GHz processor.

Other features of VideoProc are also worth mentioning. In addition to video editing, the app also gives users the option of converting HEVC into H.264 in a couple of clicks or converting MKV, FLV and AVI videos into “familiar” for a standard iOS or Android player format. But that’s not all. VideoProc is able to download videos from popular internet resources (Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram, etc.), record screencasts and digitize DVDs.

To sum up, VideoProc is both a simple and functional video editor that even a novice user has never encountered with such utilities before. Also, the advantages of the application can be attributed to a relatively low cost (especially in comparison with big-name competitors). At the moment, the full version of the editor with annual support costs $29.95. However, users can download the app for free. And in the free version there will be no restrictions.

Download VideoProc on the official website


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