World in waiting: The launch date of the new Apple iPad has appeared on the network

The next WWDC conference is eagerly awaited by tens of millions of Apple product lovers around the world. Fans of “Apple” devices are anticipating the impending release of the updated and improved operating system iOS 13, as well as all the favorite Apple iPad tablets.

Recently, information on the exact dates of the much-anticipated event has become available online. The data came from proven sources, so there is simply no reason not to trust them.

Judging by the documents of the City Hall of San Jose (this city will host a conference), the presentation of Apple products will take place in two stages. The key part with the presentations is scheduled for June 3 – that is, on the day of the start of the event. Apple will also share the news and plans on June 6.

According to the sources, the event will be very fruitful for the Coopertinos. Thus, the conference will feature:

And while the Internet does not subside discussions about new tablets and operating devices, fans of “Apple” are already beginning to discuss the likely features of the next smartphone from the 11 series.


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