Almost every major Apple Store has secret meeting and negotiation rooms

Many of Apple’s major retail stores have special private rooms that can host Board meetings. Each such hall is furnished with expensive furniture and accessories, which were created by world designers and agencies.

According to available data, many interior items were designed specifically for Apple, and they can not be found in the open sale. For example, the chairs were designed by Naoto Fukasawa, a close friend of Joni Iwa and designer of many popular products of the Brand Muji. He also created some furniture for the Apple Park Visitor Centre.

Who exactly produces tables for closed rooms is unknown. It is possible that their design is responsible for the company Barber and Osgerby, which was responsible for furniture in Apple Park. It is noteworthy that all tables in the meeting rooms have connectors for charging mobile devices. There are also wall or floor boxes in many meeting rooms in the Apple Store. Often they are designed so that they can accommodate the entire range of Apple devices while charging.

The decor elements deserve a special mention. According to sources, almost all negotiations can be found designer lamps. Most often, Apple prefers either Achille Castiglioni’s Snoopy Table Lamp in black, or a whole Atollo glass by Vico Magistretti. However, in some Apple Stores you can find other fixtures. For example, Apple Champs-Slys’es in Paris has a floor lamp, made in the style of Japanese paper lanterns.

Also in the interior are often found designer carpets, trays for drinks, cups, expensive and rare vases, and in some cases stone sculptures, complementing the design of rooms.

At the moment, closed meeting rooms are used for Board meetings, as well as business negotiations and private private events. It is worth noting that in 2010-2011 in many Apple Stores there were practical briefing rooms, made in a discreet style. They were intended for negotiations with business clients and special events. However, Apple later began replacing them with more luxurious boardrooms.


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