Sandmarc unveils new external lens for iPhone

Flagship smartphones are increasingly being used to shoot more than just amateur videos. Some make full movies with the iPhone. Not least it was made possible by special accessories. For example, such as external lenses.

Recently, Sandmarc introduced a new anamorphic lens for an apple smartphone. According to the manufacturer, the novelty is made of aluminum, has a multi-layered coating, and the lens is built on a multi-element optical scheme.

Thanks to the new nozzle, owners of apple smartphones will be able to shoot video, which is distinguished by a specific ratio of sides and characteristic distortion of the shape of bright light sources. Most often anamorphic lenses are used when shooting widescreen films.

According to the available data, the novelty from Sandmarc is quite large. That’s why you just can’t use it with your iPhone all the time. The manufacturer offers to solve this problem in two ways: the lens can be either attached to a special case, or use a clothespin. The nozzle is compatible with the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus or newer. You can buy a novelty for 160 dollars.


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