Foxconn begins preparations for mass production of new iPhones

According to recent rumors, the official announcement of the new generation of iPhone will take place on September 10. In the second half of the month Apple should start selling its new products. Now the partners of the Apple company are preparing to start production of new models. For example, Foxconn has again started hiring workers at its factories in China’s Shenzhen.

According to Economic Daily News, the largest contract electronics builder has been attracting additional employees to build the next generation of iPhones for years. Moreover, Foxconn promises to reward all current employees who will renew their contracts right now, amounting to 4,500 Chinese yuan (approximately 650 dollars).

According to the latest data, In Cupertino do not expect explosive demand for the next generation iPhone. Many analysts agree that sales of new products will be roughly comparable to last year’s demand. But at the same time, experts are confident that immediately after the announcement demand for the iPhone model 2019 model year will be very high.


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