IPhone 11 can get advanced antennas

A well-known analyst Min-Chi-Kuo shared new information about the as-yet unannounced apple smartphones. According to the expert, some time ago Apple changed suppliers of components. This decision allowed the Coopertinos to refine the design of the antennas, which in turn should have a positive impact on the quality of communication.

Min-Chi-Kuo believes that the new improved antennas will significantly improve the quality of communication in difficult conditions. For example, indoors. In addition, the expert sees in such an innovation a hint of the imminent appearance of 5G support in apple smartphones. The analyst notes that refining antennas is the first step towards supporting next-generation networks.

As for technology, iPhone 11 antennas should be made using modified polyimides. Initially, they are less powerful. However, this flaw is leveled by greater stability.

According to the analyst, the use of new antennas can increase the final cost of apple smartphones. According to preliminary estimates, the price of the iPhone can grow by about 10% year-on-year.


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