New macOS music app to be built on iTunes

Last month, apple announced Apple’s plans to completely rework the iTunes app for the Mac. Sources reported that the Coopertinos want to divide their media combine into several independent utilities: Music, Books, Podcasts, etc., however, according to the latest data Apple will not completely abandon iTunes.

According to sources, the basis for the new app Music for macOS will be iTunes. With this program, Apple computer owners will be able not only to use streaming service, but also to manage their music library, create smart playlists, work with external drives, synchronize data with iOS devices, etc.

Sources do not exclude that for some time the Coopertinos will still support the old versions of iTumes. This will be done primarily for those users who continue to use the expanded capabilities of the media combine.

All changes to iTunes should be announced at WWDC 2019, which will be held June 3-7 at the San Jose Convention Center.


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