The fifth beta version of macOS 10.14.6

Tonight, Apple released its fifth macOS 10.14.6 test build. As usual, so far it is only available to registered developers. The full release of the update is likely to take place next week.

There is no exact information about exactly what changes were made in the fifth beta version of macOS 10.14.6. Apple reports only some fixes, as well as improving the stability and speed of the operating system.

It is worth noting that macOS 10.14.6 is rather a “service” update, which is primarily aimed at eliminating bugs and bugs that were found in previous versions of the Apple desktop platform.

MacOS 10.14.6 is likely to be the last more or less large update of the current version of macOS. In the autumn, the final release of macOS 10.15 will take place, which will bring with it quite a lot of innovations. In the meantime, the new version of apple desktop platform is actively being tested by both developers and participants in the public testing program.


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