Jonathan Ave actively collects documents for the opening of his own firm

Last month it was reported that Apple’s chief designer had decided to leave the company. The exact reasons for Jonathan Ayve’s departure are unknown. However, it is reported that the famous designer has no plans to leave the industry. He plans to start his own company. And the first customer of the newly formed studio will be Apple.

Today it became known that Jonathan Ive is actively collecting documents for his future “enterprise”. According to sources, last week the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office filed an application for registration of the trademark “LoveFrom Jony.”

According to available data, under a freshly registered brand can come out a variety of products. Among them are: cars, cosmetics, kitchen accessories, decor elements, etc.

The exact reasons for Jonathan Ayve’s departure from Apple are unknown. According to one version, Apple’s chief designer was dissatisfied with Tim Cook’s attitude to new products. However, the head of the apple company calls such rumors absurd.


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