Apple to add night-time camera to new iPhone

According to Max Weinbach, one of the founders of XDA Developers, kupertinov is currently working on a new night mode for the camera app in iOS. In fact, Apple wants to create its own Night Sight analogue from Google.

According to the available data, the night mode will be activated automatically. The main criterion for its inclusion will be low light. However, if necessary, users will be able to activate the mode manually.

Weinbach’s sources did not say exactly how Google’s Night Sight analogue would work. However, the founder of XDA Developers is confident that thanks to this innovation, the quality of photos taken on the iPhone in difficult conditions will increase significantly.

At the moment it is also unknown which of apple smartphones will support this innovation. It is possible that the night mode of the Camera will be one of the “chips” of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max.


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