New Mac OS X Trojan Imuler Hides Inside Malicious PDF | threatpost

Malware that targets Mac OS X isnt anywhere near catching up to Windows-based malware in terms of volume and variety, but it seems that OS X malware may be adopting some of the more successful tactics that Windows viruses have been using to trick users. Researchers have come across a sample of an OS X-based Trojan that disguises itself as a PDF file, a technique thats been in favor among Windows malware authors for several years now.

The new piece of malware hides inside a PDF file and delivers a backdoor that hides on the users machine once the malicious file is opened. Once the user executes the malware, it puts the malicious PDF on the users machine and then opens it as a way to hide the malicious activity thats going on in the background, according to an analysis by researchers at F-Secure. The Trojan then installs the backdoor, which is named Imuler.A, which attempts to communicate with a command-and-control server.

via New Mac OS X Trojan Imuler Hides Inside Malicious PDF | threatpost.

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