Apple once again Apple has patented the Pencil for iPhone

Today, the network has another hint at the possible appearance of a special version of Apple Pencil, aimed at iPhone users. Apple recently received a patent that describes a smaller version of the branded apple stylus.

According to the information available in the patent, the Coopertinos want to make Apple Pencil for the iPhone not only less, but also a few to change its shape. This will charge the stylus, magnetizing it to the sides of the smartphone. In addition, the patent states that you can charge Apple Pencil on the right or left side of the iPhone.

If the Coopertinos release Apple Pencil for the iPhone, at the same time as the release of the stylus Apple can also update the design of their smartphone. Based on the patent, we can assume that the updated iPhone can get the same straight facets as the latest-generation iPad Pro. In this case, attach and charge Apple Pencil will be as convenient as possible.

It is worth noting that this is not the first document in Apple’s patent portfolio, which describes a compact branded stylus. At the moment, the company already has at least three similar patents.


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