Apple allowed Valve to place Steam Link to the App Store

About a year ago, Valve introduced an app called Steam Link that was supposed to let Apple device owners run games from the Steam library to iPhone and iPad. However, the Coopertinos did not miss the utility in the App Store. Now the situation has changed.

Initially, the Coopertinos did not like that Valve will sell games through their store. Thus, the company can avoid the App Store commission. But apparently, the parties still managed to agree.

Steam Link is an app that lets you stream games from the Steam library from your PC or Mac to your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV screen. At the same time, all devices need to be in the same network and have a high-speed Internet connection to the utility.

One of the main features of Steam Link is that the app supports Steam and mfi controllers. This makes the gameplay much easier.

You can download Steam Link from the App Store for free.


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