Apple released macOS 10.15 beta 5

Recently, Apple has started to release new beta versions of its operating systems with a slight “scattering” in days. Thus, the fifth test builds of iOS 13, iPadOS and tvOS 13 became available to users at the beginning of the week, and tonight the Coopertinos released macOS 10.15 beta 5. As usual, only registered developers can be the first to try out the new build.

There were no major changes to the new beta version of the Apple desktop platform. Judging by other test builds, in particular, iOS 13 beta 5, now Coopertinoov actively corrects flaws, make small corrections and interface, as well as pay attention to the stability and speed of the operating system.

At the moment, users’ opinions on how macOS beta 5 is suitable for everyday use are somewhat divided. Some note that the new test build is already quite stable (although it has some problems), while others report a variety of flaws that still prevent the use of the assembly on a permanent basis.


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