Feudal Alloy – Middle Ages, robots and fish in heads (Mac)

Over the past year on the virtual shelves of the store Steam appeared a lot of action-platformers with pumping and elements of metroidvania. In order to distinguish their projects against the background of fellows in the genre, the developers used different approaches. Someone tried to attract users with new mechanics, someone promised the plot, and the authors of Feudal Alloy bet on the setting of an unusual main character.

In Feudal Alloy players will plunge into a medieval world inhabited by mechanical creatures run by aquarium fish. The main character named Attu was an ordinary robot farmer until the robbers burned down his house and took away all the reserves of lubricating oil. Escaping from a gang of thieves, Attu escaped into the woods and all he had left is a rusty sword. It is with such meager equipment users and have to embark on a difficult adventure.

Throughout the passage, players have to explore different locations, overcome traps, fight with different opponents, including massive bosses, save experience, and collect coins. The latter will be needed to buy new parts, which have different parameters and bonuses.

One of the unique mechanics of Feudal Alloy is the heating and cooling system. In long battles, the robot will gradually heat up, and when the temperature reaches a critical point, the hero will not be able to strike a single blow. You’ll just have to wait for the hero to cool down. In fact, the mechanics are very similar to endurance. You can solve the problem with overheating with special parts, potions and skills. But to collect the “tireless” fighter still will not work.

In general, the developers managed to create a very interesting and colorful world that can be explored for a long time. However, they were a little overdone with the tie. The game “accelerates” very slowly and the first hour and a half or two users will wait for banal opponents, almost useless items and not very interesting locations. Subsequently, the situation will change – enemies will become stronger and more inventive, there will be different traps, new objects and skills. But all this has yet to be reached.

Feudal Alloy is not a bad game. The project definitely deserves the right to life, especially when you consider that its creation is responsible for the studio consisting of only two of them. However, the ideal representative of the genre Feudal Alloy can not be called. The game turned out to be just good. It has a nice graphics, a funny setting and a couple of interesting mechanics.


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