Apple is working on two new versions of The AirPods at once

Yesterday, the Taiwanese edition of DigiTimes, citing proven sources in the supply chain, reported that this year the Coopertinos may release the third generation of AirPods. Today these rumors were supplemented by the authoritative analyst Min-Chi Kuo.

According to the expert, Apple is working on two new versions of AirPods. One of them will be released this year and will not look much different from its predecessors. Design, form factor and price will remain unchanged.

Cardinal updates should not happen until next year, when the Coopertinos will rethink the form factor of AirPods. The expert is confident that Apple wireless headphones, which will be released in 2020, will be equipped with a new processor and will be able to offer users a better sound.

At the same time, Min-Chi Kuo believes that users will have to pay extra for such changes. However, the analyst does not specify how much the price of radically updated AirPods can grow.


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