Apple has banned buy Apple Online Store from the old OS X

Apple has been supporting its devices for a long time. However, after a certain period of time, the Coopertinos begin to push users to move to something newer. One such way can be considered a ban on the use of the Apple Online Store on older versions of OS X.

Today, the network reported that Apple has decided to prohibit owners of devices that run OS X below 10.10.5 with Safari below 10.1.2, access to its online store. When you try to log in to the Apple Online Store, users will see a message offering to update their browser or contact store representatives by phone.

According to available data, such a restriction is quite easy. To do this, users need to use one of the third-party browsers. There is an assumption that Apple’s decision to restrict access to the Apple Online Store is primarily due to the low prevalence of outdated versions of OS X and Safari. Apparently, the Coopertinos simply do not want to adapt their store to unpopular customers.

It is worth noting that many companies go this way. Similar messages with the offer to update the system or browser are often received by owners of computers based on Windows XP and Vista.


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